Updates in the Notarial Act in El Salvador

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By: Fiorella Fumagalli

The last reforms with regards to the Notarial profession in El Salvador date back to the beginning of the century. However, the widespread digital transformation in international commerce has created a new “Normal” where all of humanity is being introduced to the “cloud era” (trend in which all information is stored digitally on global mega-servers). For these reasons, it was to be expected that the Notarial vocation in El Salvador would undergo changes in order to implement new digital tools in the hopes of bringing improvements.

Many Salvadoran government institutions were forced to digitalize their offices in order to improve the different services provided to the public. The National Center of Registries in El Salvador is an example of a Government Institution which successfully used new platforms in order to achieve more effective work methods. This achievement by the National Center of Registries was accomplished despite the challenges that presented themselves such as a new administration whose intentions were to make the government processes more efficient and to bring the services closer to the population.

The Legislative Assembly in El Salvador recently approved reforms to the Notary Act introducing the use of “certified electronic signatures” by notaries, thus adhering to the paperless culture. Despite the approved reforms, this does not mean that all Notarial acts will be completed  Electronically, as they are done in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. The reform to the Notary Act is focused on mandatory administrative activities done by a Notary in relation to the Salvadoran Supreme Court of Justice.

These recent changes to the Notary Act in El Salvador may be the beginning of a transformation in the profession that will eventually lead to all Notarial acts being completed electronically in the years to come.

It is important to note that certain public documents such as Trademark Registration certificates, Trade Name Certificates and Advertising Signs are already issued with digital signatures certified by the Registrars. These official documents have the same validity as the printed versions with a stamped autographic signature.

It is safe to say that in El Salvador progress is being made with regards to digital transformation as the country navigates the post-pandemic era.

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