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A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the electronic device of the user, being this a computer / smartphone / tablet or similar, when accessing certain web pages, in order to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is made from said equipment. To know more about cookies, in EPROINT we invite you to access the following link: add hyperlink that redirects content.

In the EPROINT we use the following cookies that are detailed in the following table:

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Cookies Information (*) Purpose
Mandatory Session, registration, data to distinguish the user and free services. They are stored temporarily in the configuration of the computer. Management of the registry, Provide services of the information society requested by the user and according to the applicable terms and conditions.


(*)The information obtained through these cookies, referred to the user’s equipment, may be combined with your personal data only if you are registered on this website.

(**)COOKIES DEACTIVATION. The user may – at any time – choose which cookies he wants to work on this website through:

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  • the specific opt-out systems listed in the table above for the cookie in question (these systems may result in a “reject” cookie being installed on your computer for your opt-out choice to work); or