Frequently Asked Questions

The management, care and protection of the image and commercial information of a company, through the correct use of the elements and concepts related to Intellectual Property and Information and Communication Technologies, appear as instruments of great importance today.

It is on these issues that Eproint specializes its management, and for a better understanding, we make available to our clients, the brief development of the following concepts:

Intellectual Property (IP) is a section of law that seeks on the one hand to encourage innovation, creation and technology transfer and on the other, to structure markets by aiding decision making on the consumer sphere.

Rights designed to encourage people to invent and create are better known as patents of invention, utility models, industrial drawings, industrial designs, topography of integrated circuits, plant varieties and copyright.

Such rights that are principally directed to commercialization are trademarks, appellations of origin, geographical indications and unfair competition.

The wide coverage of figures and scenarios offered by intellectual property has led the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to distinguish between two sub-genres that as a consequence portray a better understanding of the application and regulation of these issues.

It is thus divided into two major branches that are better known worldwide as Copyright and Industrial Property