María del Pilar



María del Pilar López is a distinguished legal professional renowned for her exceptional expertise in the field of intellectual property. She has dedicated her career to safeguarding and maximizing the value of her clients’ intellectual property portfolios. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of administrative and judicial processes, Mrs. López offers invaluable guidance to clients seeking to protect their intellectual assets.
Maria has crafted enforcement strategies for multiple Fortune 500 companies, integrating comprehensive market investigations and tailored training sessions conducted in collaboration with Custom Agencies to combat counterfeit goods. She has also spearheaded initiatives addressing intellectual property violations on social media platforms, facilitated civil judicial actions including injunctions, and drafted cease-and-desist letters. Additionally, Maria has significantly contributed to enhancing the companies’ trademark portfolios by successfully registering new trademarks in the CAM region.
Her contributions to patent law and regulatory compliance for a prominent European pharmaceutical company further exemplify her profound impact on the intellectual property landscape. María provided specialized advice to a client in the biotechnology industry, addressing their unique needs related to product scope, regulatory approvals, and patent analysis. She also played a pivotal role in the prosecution of a groundbreaking patent invention by 2020 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry.
In addition, María has performed exhaustive reviews of Costa Rican data protection law to assess whether artificial intelligence services comply with local regulations. She provided strategic advice to make the necessary amendments to ensure compliance. AI and related technologies present several legal challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that they are developed and deployed responsibly and ethically.
She began her career as a lawyer in the corporate department at Costa Rican firm, and subsequently assumed the direction of the intellectual property department in 2006 until July 2, 2021.

María del Pilar López


  • Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho (Law degree, 2006)
  • INCAE Business School and Georgetown University Law Center Joint Program: Legal Aspects of International Business Executive Program (2005)
  • International Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property (2001)
  • Formation and Certification of Mediators and Conciliators (2001)


Spanish and English

Personal Interests:

During my leisure time, I enjoy hiking, spinning, and quality moments with loved ones. I’m also passionate about staying informed on trending topics in privacy and intellectual property.