Corrales G

Email: kcorrales@eproint.com


Karla is the Coordinator of the National Department of Intellectual and Industrial Property at Eproint.

With more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer in the areas of intellectual property, pharmaceutical and tech law, as well as corporate law and innovation, Karla brings us vast experience in trademarks, trade names, distinctive signs and propaganda signs, both in advising several companies as well as in the process of registering them.

She has distinguished herself by developing business strategies for innovation, including the development of contracts for confidentiality, non-competition, intellectual property and intangible protection policies.

She has extensive experience in the area of personal data protection and has been recognized as a professional reference and a national pioneer in this field. She has advised various local companies (public and private) as well as multinationals in the identification of databases, their registration and protection of information for cross-border trade.

Karla’s experience includes but is not limited to the development of strategies for entrepreneurs, innovators and companies linked to green and red biotechnology.

In the field of pharmaceutical law, she has worked as an external consultant for pharmaceutical companies, mainly for innovative products, review of advertising and promotion of OTC medicines, promotion techniques in medical visits, regency issues, distribution and storage as well as in processing complex clinical or biomedical research.


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