Jamaica is now party to the Madrid Protocol


 it is Jamaica making it the 110th member of the Madrid System. The Madrid System is now composed of 126 countries. Jamaica´s adhesion to the Madrid Protocol will become operational on March 27th, 2022.

Therefore, as of March 27th, 2022, international brand proprietors wishing to protect their marks in Jamaica may choose to designate Jamaica under their international Madrid Protocol applications or on the hand local Jamaican trademark proprietors may choose to file an International Madrid Protocol application having the possibility of designating 125 countries (including Jamaica) that are already party to the Madrid System. The benefits are that one single international application is filed, and also a single set of fees is paid.

What is the Madrid Protocol?

The Madrid System is used for the international filing/registration of trademarks and allows brand owners to apply and continue protection in all countries party to the Madrid Protocol (126 countries) utilizing one single procedure, one single language and one set of fees. However, levels of protection per country can vary and as such the process is not without its glitches or shortfalls.

One can also renew or choose to expand protection to your trademark portfolio via a centralized system.

You can visualize which countries are party to the Madrid Protocol here: https://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/treaties/en/documents/pdf/madrid_marks.pdf

Protecting your brand in Jamaica

This accession on the part of Jamaica comes to further strengthen WIPO´s Madrid System’s in the protection of trademarks worldwide in that it makes it possible to protect your trademarks in a cost-efficient manner in some Caribbean countries.

Filing your International Madrid Protocol Application

If you have filed or intend to file an International Madrid Protocol application or have any queries regarding the process or whether it is convenient or not for your company, we can help you with the entire process and guide you along the way.

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By: Gabriela Bodden

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